My name is Robert Austin and I am the founder and owner of United Martial Arts Alliance International and International Black Belt Academy Inc. I have run successful martial arts schools for the past 30 years.  For years I was working with another website company and I was so discouraged with my site. It rarely got me any leads and it was difficult to even get through to the company that created it to make the simplest changes. The site hadn’t been updated in years and quite frankly I think it was driving more business away then it was attracting.

I then hired Eliteinsites.com to do my site.  It took a few runs to get it exactly how I wanted, but the team was so helpful and willing to do it the way I wanted it. They were also very helpful to give advice and use their expertise to make the site even better than I had imagined.   My site now reflects my brand and what we stand for, it is not a boilerplate template site, like most of the other companies provide.  In fact, I checked them out online and every site is similar, it seems a lot of them are using the same scripted testimonials and recycled material. 

 Eliteinsites has been a totally different experience. They have shown great care in  helping me develop my unique brand on the internet. They helped me clean up, update and develop my logo’s and the sites look and feel.  I am very happy with the look but even more so the results. I would recommend you giving your site the necessary attention that Eliteinsites gave me, it's made all the difference. A matter of fact, in the last four months I have received over 100 leads. The site continues to pay for itself every month. My return on investment is huge! I highly recommend Eliteinsites. 

Professor Robert Austin


My name is David Nemeroff, founder of Aikido Masters Self-Defense Academy.  I am always looking for ways to improve my school, my business and online presence. After designing my first site, I decided to hire a competitor of Elite Insites because of big promises of lots of leads and increased student enrollment. Although they did get a lot of names, I got more enrollment from the site I originally designed. I then heard about Elite Insites and decided to give them a try. They worked with me to develop my brand while maintaining the image I wanted to portray. 

What they came up with was a clean, professional and inviting site that got me more business in one month than the other company did in 4 months. They are a great company and I would highly recommend Elite Insites.  Soke Dai David Nemeroff.


We love the quality of service we received from EliteInsites.com.  Allie Alberigo and Erica Nelson are an absolute pleasure to work with.  We have dealt with many other so called web developers and really it seemed like nothing more then a bunch of empty promises.  I really am over joyed with the quality of service I have received as well as the overall look and design of my site.  To be honest I could have done something all on my own, but you know what, I am not a web designer I want it done by a professional.  Thanks EliteInSite.com for making my life that much easier!



I want to thank you for the beautiful work that you have done for me.  I am very pleased with my website.  You have done an exceptional job!!! You also do amazing work on my business card, custom printing work and job propsals.  I highly recommend you.  Thanks again.

George K. Arvantetes - Imperial Touch Home improvements. 



Hi Allie,

Just wanted to send you a quick message regarding the website you built for Strike MA. In the past three years I have used both a website builder that uses a generic plan that everyone has and you just put in your details and my own that I wanted to have control of. I thought both of these sites were good but I got very little if any inquiries through my site.

I have only had the new site that you built for about 5 weeks now and in the last 4 weeks I have had more inquiries from my site than ever before. In fact I have had more come through the site in 4 weeks than I have had all year through all my advertising. The exciting thing is that the people who are calling are really interested because they loved the information on the site.

I had two calls only this morning call and book their children in because they loved the vibe that our site had and it made them feel like we are the ones that can best suit their needs regarding their child’s well being. One of them was actually referred to our competitor by a person who goes to their gym and once they seen our site compared to the other one called us because they believed that we had what they are looking for.

Thanks for looking after my schools needs and the way you give your honest opinion but at the end of the day leave the final decision of the look of the site up to the client.

When you talk about getting raving fans that want to help you build your business, I am one of yours. I am actively trying to get people to use your services to help them grow their business.

Thanks again.

Best Regards

Master Shane Mckeahnie

Strike Martial Arts

Black Belts Never Quit!


Hey Elite Insites:

I just wanted to let you know that since using your website we have really developed a new client and many new clients. We just recently landed us a new commercial account and they said it was due to the professional layout on the site and the way the pages clearly told them what we do and our product brand. Thanks so much!

Formula Car Wash.
David Casselnova, Owner