Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

I am sure you have heard the term thrown around more times then you can remember and to help unveil the myth and make things clearer, we will help you navigate through the clutter.  As a business owner it is quite simple - SEO - search engine optimization = more visibility.  Simply put this is the link that most search engines use to connect the client and their search to your site. In other words, it is simply the address in which people find you on the web. 

Now if only life could be that simple, Not everyone can be number one. As we know, if people search a generic term looking for your type of service and your SEO is not set up properly then you may not be found. The people on the top will get the most calls.  So it is imperative not to get lost amongst the white noise on the web. 

You may ask, what about having a great web site?  Why bother? Does it matter? Having an amazing site, normally is half the battle but it doesn't complete the puzzle.  You can have the most creative site, well written and esthetically beautiful, if no one see's it, it is not worth anything. Now on the opposite side of the coin, which is more damaging is if you have great SEO and if you have a terrible site, you will lose the prospects for good. So the best combination of course is to have both ends congruent and a solvent message that works to convert prospects.  This is the package that we deliver with Elite Insites.  We know how to write it, lay the site out and produce a esthetically beautiful site that brings you business.

We also manage your Online Marketing

There are many forms of Online Marketing and we can help you navigate which one's are best for your company.  We have years of experience setting up your online marketing copy, your demographic, split testing, and your daily, weekly and monthly budget.  We can find a budget that is affordable and effective for you.  So combined with our awesome site design, flow of pages and on the page SEO and off, we can certainly design a Online Marketing campaign that is perfect and brings in you in business.

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