What Separates Us From The Rest?

Welcome to EliteInsites.com, a website business that was developed with a total customer experience in mind.  Very rarely does something positive come from something negative - but Elite Insites is the  exact opposite.  Probably just like you, for years I have dealt with so called web designers, website builders and graphic artists  that promised me the world and a website I could be proud of. 

Unfortunately, promises weren't kept, deadlines were never met and I was simply left with a web presence that didn't represent the quality of business that I ran.  I waiting for months to have one simple update done, while getting a host of excuses and getting things I never asked for.  I have to say I was sick of being treated sub par with terrible customer service. 

Our Promise to you is...          

Complete Customer Satisfaction...

We will respond immediately with any concerns, updates, new ideas or web development. We have a standard of excellence beyond others designers. 

Cutting Edge Design and Layout...
Our goal is to help you build a site that is one of your strongest assets in communication and sales within your business.  Remember there are two categories of web sites - assets and  liabilities.  We want your site to make you a profit with increased revenue, a professional image and ease of customer navigation.  Turning your investment into a profit center.   

We Promise Results to help you...
1- Secure new customers with our search engine optimization tools and knowledge.
2- We will design a flawless site in which your prospective clients will become your biggest fans.
3- We will help you keep your existing customers updated, informed and in touch with you.
4- We can integrate, all of your social media, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and hundreds of others - so your site is your one stop for everything in your business.

that's not all... 
We realize there are many easy to use do it yourself websites available.  We also realize there are many other more profitable areas in your business where you can be spending your time.  So many so called designers really have no idea what it takes to make your website a success!

If you don't believe me surf the web and make a decision for yourself. 

Remember your website is your front line and your first impression and as the saying "there is only one time to make a first impression."  Is 100% correct.  Research has shown people will only spend 10-30 seconds before they click off your site, unless you capture their attention and help them to find what they need.  Don't lose your advantage! 

Our Goal at EliteInSites.com is to take your web site to heights unimaginable.

Check out what some of satisfied clients have to say........

My name is Robert Austin and I am the founder and owner of United Martial Arts Alliance International and International Black Belt Academy Inc. I have run successful martial arts schools for the past 30 years.  For years I was working with another website company and I was so discouraged with my site. It rarely got me any leads and it was difficult to even get through to the company that created it to make the simplest changes. The site hadn’t been updated in years and quite frankly I think it was driving more business away then it was attracting.

I then hired Eliteinsites.com to do my site.  It took a few runs to get it exactly how I wanted, but the team was so helpful and willing to do it the way I wanted it. They were also very helpful to give advice and use their expertise to make the site even better than I had imagined.   My site now reflects my brand and what we stand for, it is not a boilerplate template site, like most of the other companies provide.  In fact, I checked them out online and every site is similar, it seems a lot of them are using the same scripted testimonials and recycled material. 

 Eliteinsites has been a totally different experience. They have shown great care in  helping me develop my unique brand on the internet. They helped me clean up, update and develop my logo’s and the sites look and feel.  I am very happy with the look but even more so the results. I would recommend you giving your site the necessary attention that Eliteinsites gave me, it's made all the difference. A matter of fact, in the last four months I have received over 100 leads. The site continues to pay for itself every month. My return on investment is huge! I highly recommend Eliteinsites.  Professor Robert Austin

My name is David Nemeroff, founder of Aikido Masters Self-Defense Academy.  I am always looking for ways to improve my school, my business and online presence. After designing my first site, I decided to hire a competitor of Elite Insites because of big promises of lots of leads and increased student enrollment. Although they did get a lot of names, I got more enrollment from the site I originally designed. I then heard about Elite Insites and decided to give them a try. They worked with me to develop my brand while maintaining the image I wanted to portray. 

What they came up with was a clean, professional and inviting site that got me more business in one month than the other company did in 4 months. They are a great company and I would highly recommend Elite Insites.  Soke Dai David Nemeroff.


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